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New Church To Be Dedicated at Tunica, Mississippi

Bishop W. W. Peele will dedicate the new church and parsonage at Tunica, on Sunday, March 22, 1942, at the eleven o’clock services. All former pastors and other friends are cordially invited to attend these services with the full assurance of a hearty welcome and entertainment in the parsonage and other homes of the congregation. The Methodists of Tunica and the many friends of the other denominations are looking forward to this date with rare pleasure. It will culminate a building program begun in the fall of 1938, during the pastorate of Rev. R. G. Lord. At that time a Building Fund Committee was appointed and the late Sterling A. Withers was elected as chairman of this committee. Under the able leadership of Rev. R. G. Lord and this great layman, the collection of funds went forward. At the 1938 Annual Conference, Rev. T. E. Gregory was appointed to Tunica, and during his two years in Tunica, the program continued to move toward
success under his leadership. The untimely death of the chairman, Mr. Withers, was a severe loss to the entire church and city, but his splendid work and interest in the cause became a strong incentive to the others to carry on in this work. Mr. M Gerald Burrow was elected chairman, and under his effective direction the fund reached the $10,000 mark in 1940. During that year the old parsonage was sold for $2,500, bringing the total up to approximately $12,500. Early in 1941 steps were actually starting a building program. A Building Committee consisting of twenty-four members was duly confirmed by the quarterly conference, with power to take such action as was advisable. Mr. M. Gerald Burrow was retained as chairman of this committee, and an Executive Committee of six members was appointed to act for the committee as a whole. The following men served on this work: M. Gerald Burrow, chairman; W. L. Bankston, Sr., T. M. Garrott, C. P. Owen, vice-chairman; Joe W. Thompson, secretary-treasurer; and H. R. Watson. Since February 1, 1941, this Executive Committee has raised $44,000 in cash in addition to the $12,500 that was already on deposit in the bank. At a cost of $56,000 the Methodists of Tunica now have one of the most beautiful places of worship, and one of the most adequate educational buildings in the conference. They also have a most attractive and comfortable home for the pastor and his family. Every part of each building is beautifully and adequately furnished, and as we move into it there will not be a dollar of indebtedness on any part of it. Every dime of the entire budget is paid to date. We are indeed happy in this achievement, and perhaps there is something of a disposition to do a little boasting, but we know that God has wonderfully blessed our efforts to Him we give the glory.

W. L. Pearson


At the time, many wondered why the church was spending $12,000 to restore the sanctuary windows. There were many factors that played a part in that decision.

They considered the windows not just as windows but as religious art. The windows were designed and created by Jacoby Studio, one of the top three studios during the late 19th century. The windows are irreplaceable in that the studio no longer exists, and the quality of present day work is not of that we have. Also, all of the 18 windows cost $3,500 in 1942. The estimated value today is around $200,000 today.

They also considered that the head of Christ the King over the altar was close to collapsing and falling into the sanctuary, as well as other areas of various windows. There were not only bulges in two windows, but also five bullet holes.

Today in 2006, we can enjoy the fully restored windows and appreciate the efforts taken to restore them eight years ago.

Tunica UMC Dedicates
Family Life Center

Tunica United Methodist Church will dedicate its Family Life Center to the glory of God Sunday, May 14th at 10:00 AM. Mississippi United Methodist Bishop Hope Morgan Ward will lead the congregation in this service. In the United Methodist tradition, a building is consecrated for the Lord’s work when it is built and dedicated to God when the debt is retired.

This service, open to all, is to give thanks to God for all that has been provided since this building was built in 2000. “Without God’s provisions, the faithful support of this congregation and many in the community, this facility couldn’t be a vessel of God’s grace today,” said the Rev. Jeff Pruett, pastor of Tunica UMC.

Several church leaders, along with Bishop Ward, Senatobia District Superintendent Vicki Sizemore Tandy, and the church’s former pastor, the Rev. Doug Hardin will participate in the service.

The note burning will symbolize the faithfulness of God’s people in paying for this facility. The offering is to share God’s blessings with another congregation in the United Methodist connection. This offering will be given to Trinity UMC of Marks, which is a congregation who is building a new facility. The sermon, delivered by Bishop Ward, will be to remind
Those Who Served
  • W. M. Young 1889-1893
  • B. F. Phillips 1893-?
  • Ed Lewis
  • J. H. Dorsey 1897-1899
  • W. L. Graves 1899-1906
  • R. P. Nebit 1906-1908
  • J. W. Honnell 1908-1910
  • J. W. Felts 1910-1912
  • L. P. Wasson 1912-1914
  • A C. McCorkle 1914-1918
  • Olin Ray
  • 1918-1919
  • H. E. Carter 1919-1920
  • C. A. Sparks 1920-1923
  • S. L. Pope 1923-1927
  • W. W. Woodard
  • I.T. Lewis
  • C. M. Chapman 1932-1933
  • S. H. Caffey 1933-1935
  • W. N. Duncan 1935-1936
  • R. G. Lord 1936-1938
  • T. E. Gregory 1938-1940
  • W. L. Pearson 1940-1943
  • G. R. Williams 1943-1947
  • A. Y. Brown 1947-1948
  • M. E. Armstrong 1948-1953
  • A. C. Bishop 1953-1957
  • J. O. Dowdle 1957-1964
  • M. J. Peden 1964-1973
  • E. A. Spencer 1973-1985
  • Berry Whitehurst 1985-1987
  • W. R. Lampkin 1987-1990

Remember When

  • After the old white-frame church was torn down and the present church was being built, services
  • were held in the Tunica High School auditorium.
  • Mrs. Gerald Burrow was organist at the time the new church was being built. Much of the choir and altar were due to her efforts.
  • The Dubbs Church paid their pastor the sum of $48 per year, and today the salary package is $65,200. Just imagine!
  • Mrs. Burrow took organ lessons from Mr. Webber at Idlewild Presbyterian Church in Memphis, and he designed and helped build the Hammond organ we have today.
  • The Hendon sisters (Patsy Hawkins & Anne Munson) took lessons from Mr. Webber also and learned to play the organ.
  • Eudene Williams Freiman’s mother, Lena, made the altar cloths for the new church, and Lenoir Owen made the stoles for the choir robes.
  • There initially was no carpet in the sanctuary and the pews had no cushions.
  • Special recognition ~ Service given by Joe Thompson, Lyle Freiman, Dewey Stotts, Jack what we now lovingly refer to as “Dewey’s Doorkeepers”.
  • The site of the current playground was once the old parsonage.
  • Walter Hardiman cared for the church and the grounds for over 25 years.
  • June Pelts was church secretary for years & also had a beautiful alto voice & sang in the choir.
  • The old May Hall house was purchased by the church, torn down and the location of the Family Life Center.
  • The Family Life Center was completed in 2000 and financed in part by stock left to the church by Mrs. Lina Garrott. It was consecrated in 2001 by Bishop Carter and District Superintendent Moore.
  • As of 2005, all church buildings are debt free.
  • Several ladies of the church are currently needle pointing cushions for the altar chairs and the kneeling rail at the altar.
  • Tunica United Methodist
  • Tunica United Methodist
  • Tunica United Methodist
  • Tunica United Methodist
  • Tunica United Methodist
  • Tunica United Methodist


Sunday School       9:45 a.m.
Morning Worship  11:00 a.m.

cUB SCOUTS    6:00 P.M.
NA Meeting  7:00 p.m.

Chancel Choir 6:30 p.m.
Weavings 7:00 p.m.